Once upon a time I started a blog.  I posted about cutesy things I did and made, and felt very proud of myself for being so awesome.  Then my life changed.  A lot.  I had a kid.  I stopped working outside the home.  I moved to a different state.  So mostly my days are full of diapers, laundry, cooking, baby food making, breastfeeding, and more diapers.  (The kid just started eating solid food, so you know.  Lots of diapers.)  Anyway, now that I don't have an 8-5 office job, I get asked a lot of questions about how I spend my day. I used to resent it, but now I can understand.  I had wayyyyyy different ideas about how this would go before Junior got here.  The transition has been extremely difficult and very rewarding.  So I will share some tidbits that help me get through those days where you can't see past the mountain of laundry/dishes/diapers.  Or I might just use this as an outlet to whine, too.  You've been warned.



05/22/2013 10:04pm

I am nervous about next year- I honestly have no idea what exactly goes in to being a stay at home mom and I worry about it quite a bit. I will not be home full-time, as I will be teaching pre-k 3 mornings a week, but I will be home a LOT more than I am now, so I lo forward to reading about this!

05/23/2013 5:13pm

Don't worry- you'll do just fine. It's an adjustment, but you get into the swing of things. I wouldn't change it for anything. Every day has its own surprises and fun, challenges and difficulties. But it is super rewarding.


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