To most of you, this might sound crazy, but this little eraser has opened up a whole new world of organizational possibilities for me.  I am practically giddy every time I use it.  Let me explain.

For years (seriously, years) I have been trying to find THE perfect planner where I can write down everything I need to remember.  I think I had more qualifications for the perfect planner than I did for the perfect husband.  (Just kidding, honey.)  I went through many planners, and never found a single one that worked for me.  I finally decided to design my own planner pages.  I bought a mini three-ring binder and made a very cute zebra-print cover for it.  (It has 6 pockets.  It is awesome.)  This system was great, until I had to keep buying paper and ink to keep my planner updated.  This cost infinitely more than it was worth to have a personalized planner that wasn't even that great.  I thought if I could somehow make the pages re-usable, that would be the best solution.  

Luckily, I stumbled upon these great erasable labels.  I thought, "Problem solved!"  I painstakingly put teeny labels onto 50 planner pages that were designed flawlessly.  They ended up being crooked, which ticked me off, but I thought I could live with it.  Then came the day which we don't talk about at this house.  The man-child had a horrible night of sleeping (read: no sleep.), and I was exhausted when he woke up at 5:30 that next morning.  I decided to call it a new day and make a giant pot of delicious coffee.  I had him in the high chair, I had a steaming bowl of oatmeal, and a very large mug of perfectly mixed coffee with just the right amount of milk and sugar.  Then it happened.  I backhanded that mug onto the table.  I mean ALL over the table.  And guess what was sitting on the table?  That's right: my fancy, perfectly designed planner.  My life in paper.  Never mind the computer or other important mail and documents.  I was devastated about this stupid planner.  I had literally poured my soul into it.  And now, its coffee-stained pages were taunting me, reminding me that my planner was not invincible as I had once thought.  

This meant war.  

After re-designing my planner pages and doing a little testing, I decided to laminate each page.  There were about 25 in all.  I refuse to use Vis-a-vis (or however you spell those stupid French markers) on anything because they just get my hands inked up and they smudge on everything.  They suck.  I discovered that I could use fine-tip felt markers (in many and various beautiful colors, might I add) and ERASE the writing with the above eraser.  No worries about getting the pages wet.  They're laminated.  They have permanent marker writing.  It does not smudge or stain.  It is beautiful.  

Just pray to God that I don't lose it.  



10/12/2013 12:18am

Why have we not had a conversation about this eraser?...


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